MenuCalc Restaurant Nutrition Calculator Ensures Accurate Recipe Entry and Nutrition Analysis

MenuCalc, the advanced restaurant nutrition calculator designed by FoodCALC®, ensures accurate recipe entry and nutrition analysis. Features such as an interactive API, Assisted Virtual Analysis (AVA), automated confirmation of menu recipe nutrition accuracy, entry error and incorrect nutrition information notifications and historical data tracking, give food establishment owners the tools they need to keep information about their menu items updated and accurate. 

Restaurants that are short-staffed no longer have to worry about potentially costly inaccurate information when they use MenuCalc. The recipe nutrition calculator supports smooth integration of menu boards, online ordering sites and mobile ordering apps. This ability allows food businesses to quickly communicate nutrition information, including allergen information, to customers with ease.  

AVA gives users assistance with recipe entry, nutrition analysis, allergen-statement creation and FDA-compliance checkpoint navigation. The experience is like working with a personal consultant, but free-of-charge! 

SKEPTIK helps users avoid entry mistakes. This feature alerts users if the nutrition information from the manufacturer is incorrect or if the user makes an error while entering information.

Historical data tracking helps restaurants stay up-to-date on frequently changing recipes and menus. The activity feed tracks the username and the exact changes made. It also saves previous versions to safeguard users against data loss.

“Customers expect restaurants to provide correct recipe and nutrition information for their menu items. Here at FoodCALC, we have a laser focus on helping food businesses, especially during this uncertain time. MenuCalc gives users an advantage by giving them the perfect tool for recipe information accuracy,” said Lucy Logan, Founder and CEO of FoodCalc. 

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About FoodCALC®

FoodCALC®, based in San Francisco, CA, is proud to be at the forefront of online nutrition analysis, bringing together ingredients and innovation in order to serve restaurants of all sizes across the country from small independent restaurants to large multi-unit groups. Learn more about MenuCalc at

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