LabelCalc is the Comprehensive Solution for Creating Accurate, FDA-Compliant Nutrition Facts Labels

Designed by nutrition professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the food industry, LabelCalc® is the comprehensive solution for creating accurate, FDA-compliant nutrition facts labels. Capabilities built into the nutrition facts label maker include an FDA nutrition label template, a virtual labeling assistant avatar and an error-flagging feature. 

It is easy to overlook important elements of a nutrition facts label. Attempting to create a nutrition label from scratch is challenging, to say the least. LabelCalc solves this problem with a label template that includes the latest 2020 nutrition panel formats. Users simply fill in the nutrition information. 

Assisted Virtual Analysis (AVA) is an in-app, live-learning avatar that walks users through the process of creating labels that comply with FDA requirements. AVA was designed specifically for food manufacturers and offers many benefits:

  • FDA-compliance assistance
  • Instant nutrition analysis
  • Latest 2020 nutrition panel formats
  • Error proofing
  • Easy recipe entry
  • Detailed nutrition reporting

SKEPTIK protects users further by alerting them to the presence of inaccurate nutrition information and data entry mistakes. 

Together with the FDA nutrition label templates and AVA, SKEPTIC rounds out a suite of features that offer food manufacturers a comprehensive solution for producing nutrition facts labels that are accurate and FDA-compliant every time. 

“The team at FoodCALC knew, based on our own decades of experience in the food industry, that food manufacturers lacked a foolproof way to create nutrition labels. We designed LabelCalc with features that address all of these needs,” said Lucy Logan, Founder and CEO of FoodCALC.

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About FoodCALC

LabelCalcⓇ is one of FoodCALC LLC's two nutrition analysis products created to help meet the needs of the food industry. FoodCALC is a nationally recognized provider of fast, accurate and FDA-compliant online nutrition analysis solutions. The company is the preferred vendor of leading organizations and service providers. The FoodCALC team is comprised of expert food industry consultants and registered dietitians who create solutions that make nutrition analysis simpler and more cost-effective for food producers. Learn more about LabelCalc at

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