FoodCalc Launches MealBuilder Enabling Restaurants to Track Real-Time Diner Trends

MealBuilder is designed to look just like the restaurant's menu and interacts with its diners' ordering habits in real time

​​​​Restaurants can leverage MealBuilder from FoodCalc® to track diners' preferences in real time, giving them the critical ability to offer a personalized experience tailored to each customer’s order history. Restaurants will benefit from MealBuilder’s expanded tracking capabilities and analytics to stay connected with their customers and keep them coming back.

Eateries can count on MealBuilder to give them a competitive edge. In an industry that is increasingly catering to individual dietary needs and preferences, diners want to see a detailed breakdown of nutritional facts. The plug-and-play overlay hooks into users’ online menus and allows customers to build their own meal and review the nutrition information in real time as they assemble it. Diners can then edit the contents of their meal to suit their dietary preferences.

FoodCalc is expanding MealBuilder’s audience tracking and analytics capabilities. The company will soon offer restaurants an integrated marketing feature to retarget diners based on their meal selections. Using a small snippet of code, MealBuilder can remember a diner’s preferences and sync with a retargeting platform like Facebook to offer individual, targeted advertisements, directly driving revenue for their clients.

The customer thinks they are simply interacting with the menu but, in reality, they are using the MealBuilder overlay customized for the restaurant. If the diner opts in, MealBuilder can also retarget diners by sending them a text message a few days after they place the online order asking if they enjoyed the meal and offering a promo to encourage another sale.

MealBuilder was created to look just like the restaurant’s menu and interacts with their diners' ordering habits on a per-location basis to:

  • Track menu items selected, for on-trend analysis 
  • Know in real time the ingredients diners are looking for
  • Track allergen and dietary preference choices
  • Sync into ordering site(s)

“We want to do everything in our power to help restaurants achieve success. The update to MealBuilder will give them the advantage they need to stand strong by meeting consumer demand for meal customization and approaching marketing from a personalized standpoint,” said Lucy Logan, founder and CEO of FoodCalc.

About FoodCALC®

FoodCALC®, based in San Francisco, California, is proud to be at the forefront of online nutrition analysis, bringing together ingredients and innovation in order to serve restaurants of all sizes across the country from small independent restaurants to large multi-unit groups. Learn more about MealBuilder at

Source: FoodCalc