Food Manufacturers Can Meet High Consumer Demand Using the LabelCalc Nutrition Label Generator With Virtual Assistant

​​​​​​​Food manufacturers can meet high consumer demand by using the LabelCalc nutrition label generator. Designed specifically for food manufacturers by FoodCALC, the label creator comes with Assisted Virtual Analysis (AVA), a virtual labeling assistant that guides users through the process of creating FDA-compliant nutrition labels. 

Built by nutrition professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the food industry, AVA helps food manufacturers navigate FDA compliance without the need to invest in costly consulting options. The in-app, live-learning avatar offers users the following benefits:

  • FDA-compliance assistance
  • Instant nutrition analysis​​
  • Latest 2020 nutrition panel formats
  • Error proofing
  • Easy recipe entry
  • Detailed nutrition reporting

AVA is user-friendly, allowing anyone to use the virtual assistant regardless of their technical proficiency level. 

LabelCalc also allows enterprise-level businesses to sync into grocery and meal delivery platforms, and online e-commerce sites, to provide their nutritional information directly to consumers through its intuitive API. 

FoodCALC, a leader in nutritional analysis technology, built additional game-changing features into its solutions for food producers. 

Historical data tracking time-stamps and logs every change a user makes to a recipe. The activity feed tracks the username, the exact changes made and saves previous versions to prevent the loss of data. 

SKEPTIK is an error-flagging feature that alerts the user when the nutrition information is inaccurate or the user makes a data entry error. SKEPTIK is always on the lookout to help prevent harmful mistakes.

In addition to label creation, analysis and FDA compliance, LabelCalc was designed to cater to enterprise-level businesses by allowing them to operate more efficiently in all things nutrition-related. LabelCalc is now offering free account set-up, complete with existing nutrition data import to any users who have an existing account with another nutrition analysis and labeling platform. Users can choose the plan that best suits their needs, and LabelCalc will handle the data import from a previous platform free of charge.

Enterprise clients also have the ability to take advantage of FoodCALC's Meal-Builder functionality. FoodCALC's Meal-Builder nutrition calculator is a fully customized web application that allows customers to determine nutrition information instantaneously for individual menu items or complete meals. Designed to look just like a user's own website, their customers will simply click on individual ingredients they wish to add to their menu item, and it instantly calculates up the nutrition values.

“At FoodCALC​, we make it our mission to create connections that haven't been seen before in the industry. Whether it's the addition of our virtual labeling assistant to cut down the time learning a new platform or our intuitive API that can connect distributors and manufacturers together through data, we target pain-points like missing links in a chain. And then use that data to create a solution that will empower our clients and strengthen that chain." said Lucy Logan, Founder and CEO of FoodCALC​.

About FoodCALC

LabelCalcⓇ is one of FoodCALC​ LLC’s two nutrition analysis products created to help meet the needs of the food industry. FoodCALC is a nationally recognized provider of fast, accurate and FDA-compliant online nutrition analysis solutions. The company is the preferred vendor of leading organizations and service providers. The FoodCALC team is comprised of expert food industry consultants and registered dietitians who create solutions that make nutrition analysis simpler and more cost-effective for food producers. Learn more about LabelCalc at

Source: FoodCALC