Culinary Institutes and Universities Can Leverage FoodCalc's Cloud-Based Platform to Supplement Online Learning

FoodCALC's nutrition analysis software has all the features to facilitate online learning and instruction, from a classroom dashboard and analysis reporting to assisted virtual analysis.

​FoodCALC®, a San Francisco-based tech company at the forefront of nutritional analysis, is assisting culinary institutes and universities transition into online and distance learning with the versatility of its cloud-based nutrition analysis software. In the wake of COVID-19, FoodCALC has expanded the use of its software platform to assist students who are now distance learning.

“After providing FDA-compliant nutrition analysis and having served food business professionals for nearly 20 years, we’re privileged now to be able to work with culinary institutes and universities that are building up the next generation of nutrition professionals,” says Lucy Logan, founder and CEO of FoodCalc. “Our cloud-based platform is helping deliver a classroom-like experience during these times where health and safety are of utmost importance.”

A customized classroom dashboard serves as a critical resource for both students and instructors; faculty can easily upload lesson plans, communicate with students, and send and receive assignments from students instantly. Students have an open line of communication with their professor at all times and can interact with one another to complete projects and assignments, all together in one place.

​FoodCALC has nearly 20 years of experience in nutrition analysis reporting, providing a cloud-based resource that students and professionals can access from anywhere. The platform, which serves food manufacturers, chefs, food scientists, and restaurant professionals, is FDA approved, populated by the USDA food database.

The platform is also equipped with A.V.A. — FoodCALC’s virtual assistant and avatar — which was built with FDA-compliance data and helps guide users through familiarizing themselves with the platform. A.V.A. also helps users with the basics to properly input ingredients for accurate reporting.

About FoodCALC® 

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